Porn for the first time

When I was in my teens I had my first experience with porn. A couple of friends of my mom worked as escorts in Wembley and one day I found myself chatting to them about porn.

Mom and I had never really talked about sex before, and most of the stuff I had so far learned about sex and porn, I had learned from my friends at school. My friends made it seem like it was something a little bit dirty and something which you shouldn’t talk about.

Although I didn’t really understand what my mom’s friends did for a living, it sounded like they dated men and sometimes was exposed to talking about porn with them. I reasoned that if they enjoyed what they did, porn could not be such a bad idea.

Porn sounded okay to me and Wembley escorts always seemed to be dressed very nicely so perhaps they made a good living. An Intro to Porn

Sitting around the kitchen table talking to the Wembley escorts, I soon realised that there was a lot more to porn than first meets the eye.

Some of the escorts in Wembley had been in porn movies before they joined Wembley escorts and that sounded quite interesting to me. Staring in porn movies sounded more like physical pleasure than acting and was perhaps even something which I could consider as a career choice. A lot of the escorts in Wembley got paid very well to appear in porn movies, and saw it as a way of furthering their careers at the time.

porn is sexy

wembley escorts love porn

Watching Movies

After that initial chat with the Wembley escorts, I became more interested in porn and managed to get hold of a couple of porn movies. The movies weren’t very sophisticated and none of my mom’s friends appeared in them.

I promised myself I would talk to my mom about it and ask her if we could watch some movies together.

The next day I did ask my mom but she said that watching porn movies together was not such a good idea. It quiet upset me having been turned down by mom, so I went off and watched porn movies with my friends instead.

Porn Movies with Friends

I started to watch porn movies on a regular basis with some of friends a couple of weeks later. We managed to get hold of some better movies, and after awhile we were all hooked.

Some of us girls were even planning to take up careers as Wembley escorts when we left school. This didn’t seem a bad way to earn a living, and online we read that many escorts in Wembley and porn stars do earn a lot of money.

Going into the Porn Industry

When I left school I realised that I wanted to go into the porn industry. By now I had quite a few friends who worked as escorts in Wembley, and they pointed me in the right direction. It took me 10 years to get where I am today but I know run my own successful escorts agency in Wembley like along with a small but exclusive porn movie production company.

I have done really well for myself and I enjoy my life style. Just like any other career you can enjoy a successful porn career when you work hard and look after your business.

You’re going to watch porn anyway—do it for a good cause

If there’s anyone out there who still feels pangs of guilt watching porn online, there’s finally a site that should completely ease your worried soul. Come4 promises to be the first amateur porn site that turns your horny Web pastime into cash for charity.

The site hasn’t officially launched, but it’s already teamed with ad agency TBWA to promote its first porn-for-good charity initiatives, a fundraising drive for the Asta Philpot Foundation, which aims to raise awareness for the sexual rights of the disabled. So far, that’s amounted to an NSFW ad (featured below).

Come4’s exists thanks entirely to the kindness of strangers. Founders Marco Annoni and Riccardo Zilli launched a fundraiser on crowdfunding site Ululu last year, quickly raising more than $20,000, $7,000 more than their original goal.

But Annoni and Zilli aren’t stopping at charity. They want to fundamentally change how we produce, experience, and interpret pornography online—to untether it from corporate interests, to make it more personal and real:

Life’s too short to waste on lame sex

I wasted one out of my 10 free articles on the New York Times website this month (I’m so cheap that when I donated money to typhoon victims this week, my bank emailed me a fraud protection notice to confirm it was really me) for the largest mastery of the obvious yet:

Despite hooking up freely, women still enjoy sex more when they know the guy.

The info ran in the Times, but it’s all over the Web now, from the snarky to the disturbingly photographed to the tl;dr.

Seriously? This was documented research? Why don’t we spend less time discovering things we already know, and more time aiming for breakthroughs on figuring out new algorithms so OkCupid doesn’t suggest your ex, or precisely how long you should be dating someone before it’s acceptable to poop in their bathroom? That’s the research the people need!

Also, the population they sampled for this survey is totally skewed: college students. Come on. How much good sex can you have on a mattress the width and firmness of an iPad mini? And the chance of your roommate walking in despite your “signal” on your doorknob (in my era it was a scrunchie; what is it these days?) is much higher than any chance of you making a genuine “O Face.”

When you’re in college, you’re still learning about what you like, let alone how to convey that to someone else. Sex makes you make funny faces and funny noises and you really need to be laughing at certain points because sometimes it’s just hilarious. I think it’s a rare college student—male or female—who is capable of understanding that sex is fun, but it’s also funny.

While I applaud women for taking control of their sexuality, I’m not sure it’s a numbers game. I don’t think that frequency of hooking up is truly significant. Because while the definitions of feminism vary, I’m pretty sure that wasting your time for a ho-hum time isn’t why your grandmother burned her bra.

Is it a lonely thing? That’s why you get a cat instead. Or a really beautiful sex toy.

Because here’s my advice, single gals: You should be spending your time not with multiple mediocre lays, but by spending the time you have sex trying to have the best sex possible, and if there is no chance of having it with that person, then find another. College is good for that. Or I’ve been told by men and women who do online dating that the sheer volume of people available makes them feel like they have unlimited opportunities (until you find your ex on there, but whatever).

Life’s too short to waste on lame sex.

How to make a good looking homemade porn?

So in the past year or so I’ve (30m) discovered that I really really like making videos of my SO and I having sex. I wouldn’t say she (26f) “loves” it, but she is the most fantastic partner I could ever imagine (we’ll hopefully be engaged in the next couple months) and happily indulges this sexual desire of mine. Given that I know she’s indulging me in this, I really try to make the times that I record us count instead of just randomly recording stuff whenever we start to fool around and making it some ever present thing in our sex lives. So in trying to make each recording session count, I find myself playing the part of porn producer in my head and planning out the scene I want to capture well in advance. What outfit am I going to make her wear? What do I want her to do with her hair? What position(s) do I want to film? Where do I want to finish on her? What angle am I going to film me finishing on her from? So on and so forth. I’m even at the point where in the week leading up to filming, I’ll alter my behavior to try and get the biggest, most porntastic cumshot that I can on film. So what’s the problem you ask? The device that I use for making these videos is a Lumia 900 smartphone, and as you can imagine the videos come out hit or miss. It’s extremely frustrating to have all of this fun planning, anticipating, and filming, then executing a tremendous facial only to go back and find that the shitty smartphone cameras auto-focus was off and the finishing moment is blurry, or it thinks her dark hair is just empty space in the room and does something weird to the white balance. So when that happens, it’s just wasted effort and I have to try again in a month or two.

So! We’re set to do a session this Saturday, and I really wanted to see what I could do to up the overall quality/sexiness and I figured due to the specific nature of the video, I’d come here for tips instead of a video forum or something where it would be tough to ask for advice without divulging what exactly I’m trying to record. “Any recommendations on how to make the cum shooting from my dick onto my GF’s face clearly visible from a distance?” doesn’t seem like a question that would be taken seriously somewhere else.

SO! With that, I was hoping I could ask a couple questions and/or get some general tips and tricks from this wonderful community.

1) I understand “get a better camera” is the easiest solution to these problems, but this is not something I’m trying to spend a lot of money on. But along these lines, how much better would a 5MP 1/3.2″ CMOS “full HD” camcorder be than my phone? There is a samsung one with those specs on sale for around $130, and if it would produce significantly better images I might be willing to spend that amount.

2) Lighting? Should I just provide as much lighting as possible? Does direct or indirect matter? I once lost a cumshot on a beam of light coming through a crack in a blind.

3) Should I use a backdrop or something? I film these in our bedroom and we’ve got all kinds of stuff of varying colors etc… on the walls and have been wondering if a simplification of the background would help the camera sensor focus on us and not get confused.

4) What are some things you all have done in your own home video adventures that you’ve found were very sexy and looked really good on tape when watching later? Any outfit/scene ideas are welcome, and if I use any of them, I’ll happily return to comment on how it turned out.